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social responsibility

The company is committed to the upliftment of the standard of living of the communities around where it runs business.

This is demonstrated by the supply of food parcels to Ndevana Administrative Area, King William's Town and supply of clothes to needy community of Eagerton Trust Farm, Umtata including HIV/AIDS awareness (Attached hereunder are photos for easy reference).



mkhangeli ngoma challenge cup[est.2003]


The general passiveness of the youth towards community development.

The general neglect of young people in community development related activities.

The general sense of worthlessness and lack of self-confidence in their ability to initiate things and succeed.

The general lack of respect amongst themselves.
Mkhangeli Ngoma Foundation [MNF] resolved to initiate a process of ensuring active involvement of the youth in community development. Sports has been identified to be suitable medium through which young people can be engaged in community development, hence MNF initiated an annual Easter tournament, to be known as Mkhangeli Ngoma Challenge Cup.


entry requirements

The tournament targets all the clubs that are not affiliated to any league due to mainly financial reasons.

All participating clubs are required to identify a practical and implementable community project within their respective communities, e.g. Mighty Birds FC: Project Agriculture, New Lyndale FC: Poultry, Hot Fire FC: Policy Forum, etc.

All participating clubs are required to pay a registration fee that is agreed upon by all stakeholders.

There is a requirement to send a list of only locals in the respective teams.


tournament kick-off

The tournament is officially opened by guest and Honourable speakers, varying from councilors, mayors and MEC's.

An official opening ceremony is held at the Sports Grounds, with the hosting team playing an opening game.

The seeding method is then used for the subsequent draw.

The tournament is held over Easter week-ends annually.


community benifits

The young men that are playing soccer in the registered clubs are required to initiate community development projects aiming to close the gap between the sporting young members of the community and the parent component of the community.

It is our belief that the more the youth is involved in community development projects the more meaningful will be their role in the eyes of their parents and the community at large.

This will also strengthen the bond and foster mutual respect and promote understanding of these important sectors of our society.

Besides that, during the tournament economic activities are encouraged so as to allow the locals to earn a living.


theme of the tournament

"Community development through sport".



Floating trophy and medals. Prize money deducted from registration fees. Player of the Tournament Award. Golden Boot Award.


some foundation photos

Meeting basic needs: Our employee supply food parcels to a diabetic pensioner who has run out of food as she also supports her unemployed two sons from her pension grant. Right to dignity: The above are all beneficiaries of clothes supplied by Mkhangeli Ngoma Foundation (a Community Development arm of Mkhangeli Ngoma Trading) to needy community of Eagerton Trust Farm, Umtata. Mkhangeli Ngoma Family Foundation Clothes.

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