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Project Management

Approach: We define projects as " one-time activity with a well-defined set of desired results. Project Management would therefore be the processes, techniques and concepts used to run a project and its objectives.

Useful Aid: Program Evaluation and Review Technique [PERT] This is a project management aid that shows diagrammatically the sequence of activities and events required to reach an overall project objectives.

Benefits: We help reduce cost and time by preparing cost estimates for each activity [task], similarly the estimates are made for each activity. We apply four [4] time estimates, i.e. most likely time, Optimistic time, pessimistic time and expected time. [TOP]


Human Resource Management and Skills Auditing

When developing HR Plans we focus on the broader HR environment such as Culture and Diversity, Skills Development, Staffing, Provisioning and Support, Benefits and Labour Relations and so forth. Any plan will be tailored according to these functional areas.

Organizational Analysis: exploring key elements, structure, authority and delegation, job analysis, description, specifications and policy review.

Skills Audit:
skills inventory, staff composition.

Gap Analysis: academic records, recruitment and selection, capacity building and pathing.

Labour Relations: alignment of policies [legislation], procedures e.g. grievances, disciplinary, etc., unionized environment and unionization.

Staff Development Placement Recruitment and Selection Welfare issues: remunerations and packages.

Service and product Orientation: communication system, harmony between staff and products. [TOP]


Strategic Management and Planning

Approach: We provide comprehensive coverage in corporate strategy [covering areas such as innovations, knowledge and technology- benefits].

Through case studies, practical issues are presented so as to solve problems of corporate strategy, for organizations to consider compromises and constraints.

To assist organizations to add value to their assets To explore and outline global implications of corporate strategic processes. [ TOP ]


Marketing, Marketing Research and Communication

We cover the following areas of interest:

Sales and marketing [Product Perspective].

Marketing research, Audits and Plans [Surveys fro start-ups, expansions, and new entrants strategies].

Drawing and Communicating your marketing plan Making best use of technology- Web Marketing Techniques. [TOP]


Capacity Building and Training

We advice on how to best utilize resources @ your disposal and incapacitate your workforce or organization for attaining sustainable development goals and objectives.

We consider the following elements of the subject:

Participation and involvement.
Rural development and skills transfer.
Workshops for CBO's and NGO's.
Computer Skills. [ TOP ]



We explore the following:

Policies on HIV workplace program.
Procedures and labour law issues related to manage HIV effects in the workplace.
Intervention Strategies i.e. VCT@work, and Treatment administering.

Employees Assistance Program

Covering the following aspects and modules:

Absenteeism. Drug and substance abuse. Loss and trauma. Personal Financial Management. Productivity and Stress. [ TOP ]



Website Development

Contact: for more information about this service. [ TOP ]


Supply Chain Management


An organisasation of choice to all organisations/ companies who aim to achieve world-class client satisfaction through improved process and resource management.


To reduce capital, process and material costs to ensure increased turnover/ service delivery through supply capacity, logistics performance and price-archevement relationship.


Guaranteed savings through improved systems and operations will ensure reduction in capital costs, process costs as well as material costs, thus extending services to broader consumer base.


  • To promote organisational efficiency to all our clients.
  • To promote seamless operational process between management - staff - financial - procurement - logistics in relation to service delivery (beneficiaries).
  • To inculcate business culture that emphasizes client first.
    • Supplier management
    • HR Management & Development
    • Organisation/ Business strategy
    • Organisational behaviour
    • E-procurement
  • To provide world class logistical processes to improve turn-around time;
    • Order management
    • Distribution process
    • Supply chain design
    • Material requirements planning. [TOP]
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